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At Diesel Shop LLC we offer a variety of services from small to large repairs on Gas & Diesel Pickup Trucks. Diesel Shop takes care of your vehicle from front end to rear end ensuring your ride is running tiptop and offering you piece of mind.

Diesel Shop LLC

Services offered include but not limited to:

  • Routine Maintenance (Oil Changes, Belts, Air Filters, etc.)
  • Diagnostics (Check Engine Light, Technical Service Bulletins, Computer System Updates, etc.)
  • Accessory & Equipment Installs & Repair (Lighting, Gauges, Instrument Cluster, Mirrors, Windows, etc.)
  • Air Conditioning Recharge & Repair (Hoses, Heater, Compressor, HVAC Controls, etc.)
  • Brake System Repair (Pads, Rotors, ABS, etc.)
  • Cooling & Heating System (Hoses, Water Pump, Thermostat, Heater Core, etc.)
  • Driveline & Axles (U-joints, Drive Shafts, Front & Rear Differentials, etc.)
  • Electrical & Charging System (Wiring, Charging Starting, etc.)
  • Engine, Transmission & Transfer Case (Repairs, Major Overhauls, Complete Replacement, etc.)
  • Exhaust System Repair & Replacement (CATs, Mufflers, DPF/SCR cleaning, Complete Exhaust system, etc.)
  • Suspension & Steering (Steering Linkages, Ball Joints, Wheel Hubs, etc.)
Diesel Shop LLC

Dyno Services

At Diesel Shop we are continuously growing and expanding our services. As of 2014, we now offer in house dyno testing and services!! A dyno’s main task is to measure horsepower and torque in a controlled environment. Our DynoJet 224xLC is equipped with an Eddy Current Load Absorption Unit designed to perform loaded tests including step, sweep and closed loop. With the NEW WinPEP 8 software the dyno has unlimited horsepower and torque measurement capacity.

Dyno services are by appointment, please call to schedule your appointment. Discounted rates are available for groups of 3 or more vehicles.

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